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Position (職稱)

Associate Professor &  Chairman of Dept.  


Name (姓名)

Po-yuan Chen, PhD  (陳伯源)

Office (研究室)

C209-1  (商管)

Telephone (電話)

+886-2-8212-2000 ext. 6375


Courses Taught  (主要教授科目)

Financial Management (財務管理)

Financial Information System (財務資訊系統)

 Specialization (專長)

Financial Management、Stochastic Models、Real Options


 Professional  Experiences (經歷)













Honor & Awards (榮譽)


  Teaching (教學榮譽)

1.96年上學期 指導學生參加教育部創造力教育中程發展計畫創意觀摩賽特優獎

2.97年上學期 教學優良教師

3.97年上學期 BB平台製作競賽優等

4.101 指導學生參加2012第一屆全國大專校院理財規劃案例競賽佳作

5.104 指導學生參加2015第五屆全國大專財富管理競賽佳作

6.105 指導學生參加2016第六屆全國大專財富管理競賽優等


  Research (研究榮譽)

1. Best Paper Award at 2012 Conference on Business and Information(Japan)    最佳論文獎 

2. Best Paper Award at 2012 Academy of World Business Conference(Hungary)    最佳論文獎

3. Best Paper Award from Journal of Management in 2012       管理學報(TSSCI) 最佳論文獎

4. Award for Excellence of Researches (JUST,2011)           100年教師評鑑研究類優良教師

5. Award for Excellence of Researches (JUST,2012)           101年教師評鑑研究類優良教師

6. Award for Academic Excellence (NSC,2013)   國科會102年度補助大專校院獎勵特殊優秀人才

7. Award for Academic Excellence (MOST,2014)  科技部103年度補助大專校院獎勵特殊優秀人才

8. Award for Academic Excellence (MOST,2015)  科技部104年度補助大專校院獎勵特殊優秀人才



  Mentoring (其他)

1. 90年新店市績優教師

2. 96-98年進修部績優導師

3. 99-102年教育部獎補助款校級專責規畫委員

4. 100-102年職涯輔導中心輔導老師

5. 101-102年校務會議代表

6. 100-101年日間部績優導師


 Certificates (專業證照)

1. 財富管理規劃師證書

2. 投資型保險商品業務員資格測驗合格證書

3. 人身保險業務員資格測驗合格證書




 Academic Activities (學術服務)


1. Member of Editorial Board (編輯委員)

       (1) Editorial Board Member for Journal of Humanity Research

       (2) Editorial Board Member for Advances in Management Sciences and Information Systems

       (3) Editorial Board Member for Global Review of Accounting and Finance (WBI)

       (4) Program Committee Member for TAAI 2016


2. Reviewer for (論文審查)

       (1) Journal of Banking and Finance

       (2) International Journal of Production Economics

       (3) International Journal of Business and Finance Management Research

       (4) British Journal of Economics, Management and Trade

       (5) Journal of Global Economics, Management and Business Research

       (6) Annals of Operations Research

       (7) Journal of Scientific Research and Reports

       (8) International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making

       (9) International Journal of Business and Information

       (10) Britich Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science

       (11) British Journal of Applied Science and Technology

       (12) Advances in Research

       (13) Ain Shams Engineering Journal


 Research Interests (研究興趣)


  Financial Management  (財務管理)

  Stochastic Models     (隨機模型)

  Real Options          (實質選擇權)


 Publications (學術研究)


   Conference Papers (研討會論文)

   1. Po-yuan Chen (2017), "The Effect of Stakeholders' Behavior on Corporate Financial Decision,"  92nd Annual Conference of Western Economic Association International (WEAI 2017), San Diego, California, USA 

   2. Po-yuan Chen (2016), "Optimal Collaborative Financial Strategies for Firms Facing Competition and Uncertainty," 23rd Annual Conference of the Multinational Finance Society, Stockholm, Sweden  

   3. Po-yuan Chen (2015), "Optimal Divestment Strategy for Firms Facing Demand Uncertainty, "   2015 International Conference for Business and Economics, Harvard University, Boston, USA

   4. Po-yuan Chen (2014), "Corporate Financial Decisions towards Social Efficiency under Uncertainty, "   2014 Winter Global  Public Policy and Administration Symposium, University of Riverside, Los Angeles, USA

   5. Po-yuan Chen (2014), "The Optimal Group Decisions for Firms Facing Price Uncertainty in a Supply Chain System, "   International Conference on  System Engineering and Engineering Management 2014, WCECS 2014, UC Berkeley, San Francisco, USA 

   6. Po-yuan Chen (2014), "Financing and Bankruptcy Decisions for Firms with Supply-Chain Relationship under Uncertainty," 21st Annual Conference of the Multinational Finance Society, Prague, Czech Republic

   7. Po-yuan Chen, S.S. Chen (2013), "Optimal Collaborative Divestment Decisions under Uncertainty," ABSRC 2013, Rome, Italy

   8. Po-yuan Chen (2013), "Optimal Bankruptcy Decisions of Supply Chain Agents under Uncertainty," International Workshop on Computational, Cognitive, and Behavioral Social Science  (CCB) in TAAI 2013, Taipei, Taiwan

   9. Po-yuan Chen (2013), "A Fair Contracting Game under Uncertainty with Autocorrelation," Annual Paris Business and Social Sciences Research Conference, WBI, Paris, France

   10. Po-yuan Chen (2013), "Uncertainty Propagation between Investment and Financing Decisions," Socio-Econophysics Conference, NCTS & PCCU, Taipei, Taiwan  

   11. Po-yuan Chen, H. J. Chang (2013), " A Framework of Valuation for a Supply Contract under Uncertainty with Long-range Dependence." The International Conference on Management Science & Decision Making, ICMSDM 2013, Taipei, Taiwan

   12. Po-yuan Chen (2012), "Financial Alliance Strategy under Uncertainty: A Model of Supply Chain Intergration."  The Latsis Symposium 2012, ETH, Zurich, Swiss 

   13. Po-yuan Chen, S. S. Chen (2012), "The Optimal Capital Structure with APR Violation under Product Price Uncertainty."  The Latsis Symposium 2012, ETH, Zurich, Swiss

   14. Po-yuan Chen (2012), "The Effects of Product Market Uncertainty on Optimal Financial Decisions."  The 1st Asia-Pacific Econophysics & The 4th World Congress on Social Simulation, NCCU, Taipei, Taiwan

   15. Po-yuan Chen, H. J. Chang (2012), "The Optimal Value of an Option-type Supply Contract under Autocorrelated Stochastic Demand." 2012 Cross-Strait Conference on Management Sciences, Xiamen University, Xiamen, China

   16. Po-yuan Chen (2012), "Valuation for Fair Value of Liability and Equity under Product Market Uncertainty: A Framework for IFRS Mark-to-Model."  Best Paper Award at  2012 International Conference on Business and Information, BAI 2012, Sapporo, Japan

   17. I. M. Chiang, Po-yuan Chen, T. S. Cheng (2012), "A Study of Network Externality, Dynamic Competition, and Social Welfare in Taiwan Banking Industry: A Real Options Approach."  Best Paper Award at 2012 Academy of World Business, Marketing and Management Development Conference,  Budapest, Hungary

   18. Po-yuan Chen,  I. M., Chiang  (2012), “Optimization of Joint Proftis in a Supply Chain with  Two   Agents under Uncertainty .” Agent-based Approaches in Economics and Social Complex Systems, AESCS 2012 , Kansai Univ., Osaka, Japan   

   19. Po-yuan Chen, H. J. Chang, T. Y. Chen (2011), “Revisiting Financing and Investment Decisions under Uncertainty.” The First Workshop on Quantitative Finance and Economics: An Unconventional Meeting, ICU, Tokyo, Japan

   20. Po-yuan Chen, I. M. Chiang , T. C. Lin (2009), Corporate Valuation when the Firm Receives Trade Credits under Stochastic Interest Rates.The Society of Computational Economics Annual Conference and the 15th International Conference on Computing in Economics and Finance, Univ. of Technology in Sydney, Sydney, Australia

21. Po-yuan Chen (2009), Valuing a firm with foreign operations when both the price and foreign exchange rate are stochastic.The sixth International Workshop on Agent-based Approaches in Economics and Social Complex Systems, NCCU, Taipei, Taiwan 


   Journal Papers (期刊論文) 

1.  Po-yuan Chen, H. J. Chang (2014), "The Pricing of a Supply Contract under Uncertainty with Long-Range Dependence, "  International Journal of Information and Management Sciences, 25 (1), pp. 35-49.

2.  Po-yuan Chen (2013), "Revisiting Uncertain Investment and Financing Decisions Using Entry Probability, "  Journal of Applied Finance and Banking, 3 (3), pp.197-212.

3.  Po-yuan Chen (2012), " The Investment Strategies for a Supply Chain under Stochastic Demands," International Journal of Production Economics, 139 (1), pp. 80-89.

4.  Po-yuan Chen, H. J. Chang (2012), "Decision Support for Foreign Investment Strategy under Hybrid Uncertainty," Expert Systems with Applications, 39 (4), pp.4591-4598.

5.  Po-yuan Chen, H. J. Chang (2011),”The Foreign Operation Strategy under Correlated Stochastic Price and Foreign Exchange Rate,” International Journal of Information and Management Sciences, Vol.22 (4), pp.245-263.                   

6.  Po-yuan Chen, H. J. Chang, C. N. Liao (2011),”The Valuation and Strategy of Foreign Operations under Stochastic Price: A Real Options Model,” Journal of Testing and Evaluation, 39 (6), pp.1174-1188.        

7.  T.S. Cheng, I.M. Jiang, Po-yuan Chen (2011), "Optimal Investment Decisions under Product Life Cycle and Market Power: A Real Options Approach," 管理學報, 28(4), pp.379-402.                  

8.  Po-yuan Chen (2011), " On the Performance of Option Pricing Models under Bounded Stretch Parameter," Innovative Computing, Information and Control Express Letters, 5 (12), pp. 4457-4465.

9.  Po-yuan Chen, H. J. Chang (2010), "The Effects of Financing Policy on Investment Strategy under Price Uncertainty," International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, 59, pp. 23-34.   

10. M. Q. Lin, T.S. Cheng, Po-yuan Chen (2009), "The Impacts of Demand Elasticity and Uncertainty on the Decisions for the Brand Extension: A Real Options Approach," 台大管理論叢, 19, pp. 61-94.                                        



Invited Talks 

1.    Session Chair on "Game Theory and Design of Experiments" at the 92nd Annual Conference of Western Economic Association International (WEAI 2017), San Diego, California, USA

2.    Session Chair on "Business and Management" at Conference for Business and Management: Theory and Practice (2017), Jinwen University of Science and Technology, Taipei, Taiwan

3.    Session Chair on "Business and Economics" at International Academic Conference (2016), University of Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany 

4.    Session Chair on "Capital and Ownership Structure" at the 21st Annual Conference of Multinational Finance Society (MFS 2014), Prague, Czech Republic  

5.    Session Chair on " Government & Public Finance" at Conference of Public Finance and Taxation (2015), Taichung, Taiwan  

6.    Session Chair on "Practice of Public Finance & Taxation" at Conference of Public Finance and Taxation (2014), Taipei, Taiwan   

7.    Session Chair on "Government Bond and Risk Management" at Conference of Public Finance and Taxation (2013), Taipei, Taiwan

8.    Invited Talk on "Financial Management for Apartment Building" (2015), Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior, Taiwan

9.    Invited Guest Speaker on "Creativity, Innovation and Marketing" (2013) at Dept. of International Business, Soochow Univ. Taipei, Taiwan  

10.    Invited Talk on the Universal Financial Channel of Asia Digital Media Group (亞洲衛視) in 2013

11.  Invited Talk at Round Table Forum on "Educational Development of Public Finance" (2013), Taipei, Taiwan


  Research Projects & Grants (研究計畫與獎助)

      1.    NSC    98-2914-I-228-001

      2.    NSC   100-2914-I-228-001

      3.    NSC   101-2914-I-228-001

      4.    NSC   101-2410-H-228-001

      5.    NSC   102-2410-H-228-001

      6.   MOST 103-2410-H-228-001

      7.   MOST 105-2914-I-228-002

      8.   JW 96-F-14-046

      9.   JW 97-F-14-056

    10.   JW 99-F-325-005  

    11.   JW 100-G-325-214

    12.   JW 101-F-325-211